We are taking Valet Service to the NEXT LEVEL by featuring a CKETLESS VALET SOLUTION called SMS Valet®. Improving the guest’s first and last impression of your establishment is our priority. We are taking away the hassle of keeping up with a paper ticket and giving the guest a more secure way of checking in their vehicle.


  • Check-in with Mobile Phone Number
  • Pay-by-Phone Option
  • Digital Ticket via Text Message
  • Advertising or Survey Marketing Tool
  • Optional Requesting Feature
  • Online Monitoring and Reports

How can we improve your Valet Service and leave a lasting impression?

You offer valet service to provide a better experience for your guests. With our company and SMS Valet, we will be able to do just that. Service is key to the valet industry. By offering the latest in valet technology, we can change the experience and eliminate a lot of the problems that plague the valet world.

Our partners, SMS Valet®, have years of experience providing solutions to the hospitality industry. Together, we focus on revolutionizing the guest experience with the valet.

Our Ticketless Valet Solution does more for you than just parking cars. We offer a complete marketing approach to help you gain more business.

Our service can provide detailed reporting of daily activity at your valet stands. We can accurately track revenue and numbers. Not to mention the ability to communicate directly with guests through text messages.

You will not be disappointed when you see the results from your guest satisfaction surveys.


By using the SMS Valet solution, we are able to do more than just park cars for you. Our service can offer you a marketing tool that will help you engage your customers from the moment they arrive until after they leave. The easy-to-use Text Messaging tool allows us to customize the messages for each location and change them any time.

How can our valet service help you with your marketing needs? Well, there are several different options:

  • Advertising Text Message: Once a guest has checked in with the valet, they will receive a Welcome notification and shortly after an optional Engagement Text. This Advertising text can be customized for any venue and can be changed at any time.

Examples of Advertising Text:


• Survey Text Message: When the guest leaves, an additional text message  can be sent inquiring for feedback of the guest. The survey request can range from a one question with text back response to a link that redirects to a web-based survey. All survey feedback will be available in a report that can be
delivered in real time. This is ideal for patient satisfaction

With the SMS Valet solution, businesses see over a 50% response rate, which is unheard of in the survey
world. Because the survey text is easy and very timely, the guest is more likely to respond immediately.

Email or Newsletter Join Link: With the text messaging ability, the valet can now send a link in a text message asking guests to join the Email Club or Newsletter of the business. The guests can provide their email address directly back to the establishment to help build the email database for other marketing purposes.



We also offer a number of other features, including:
• Residential and Business App for Monthly Parkers
• VIP Parker Program
• Electronic Validation Program